Heartland Life Ceremonies

Judith Kubish, celebrant   

Family Ceremonies

Rituals and traditions can enrich family life by providing a sense of identity, the comfort of community, and the security of continuity.  Studies have shown that meaningful rituals are associated with a heightened sense of personal identity among children. Rituals also provide opportunities for family learning, as older family members pass along traditions to the next generation.  Family ritual says, in essence, “This is who we are.”

"My 50th birthday celebration was divine!  Judith orchestrated a perfect blend of my love for: the Dances of Universal Peace, family, friends, nature and ritual. The ceremony more than captured my essence in traveling through this life passage. It honored my past, present and future. It honored my authentic self with gratitude, joy, kindness and beauty.

I am blessed to know Judith as a friend and celebrant!  I look forward to having her officiate at my next passage."  Donna Schiller

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