Heartland Life Ceremonies

Judith Kubish, celebrant   


Family Ceremonies
Rituals and traditions can enrich family life by providing a sense of identity, the comfort of community, and the security of continuity. Rituals also provide opportunities for family learning, as older family members pass along traditions to the next generation.

Ceremonies for Times of Change
Changes have happened, are happening, will happen. Ritual gives value to those changes, helps a person discover and honor their meaning.

Ceremonies for Couples
All cultures and traditions have ceremonies that honor the adventure of sharing your life with another. Ceremonies acknowledging this building block of society and family are some of the most common and ancient we share.

Civic, Corporate and Community Ceremonies
Ceremonies for organized social structures can still have personalized meanings. Inviting public participation in civic, corporate, and community events, builds connection and unity.

Ceremonies for Transitions and Endings
These fragile times in human life call for special attention to the wishes, beliefs, cultural background, and values of loved ones and families. Honoring transitions and endings with ceremony celebrates life.

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