Heartland Life Ceremonies

Judith Kubish, celebrant   

Heartland Life Ceremonies

I am proud to be an alumna and member of the Celebrant USA Foundation and Institute. I am dedicated to helping individuals, couples, families and communities mark life’s milestones with personalized ceremonies. These ceremonies, for all ages and stages of life, are: Heartland Life Ceremonies... ceremonies of your heart, from your heart, experienced here in our little corner of America’s heartland: southeastern Wisconsin and northeastern Illinois. If you are ready to check my calendar to schedule your event, Contact Judith Kubish now.

A Heartland Life Ceremony will honor the significance of the moments of your life for you. I work with you to focus on your intentions and consciousness of what you are celebrating. 

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As a ceremonial specialist, I can offer resources from many spiritual and cultural traditions to enhance and deepen your personal expressions. Your birthday, your baby blessing, your anniversary, your new job, your family reunion, your neighborhood winter solstice gathering, your grand opening…any and every event you want to celebrate can and will be crafted with an honest representation of the gratitude, joys, fears, angers or sorrows, that accompany it. Your ceremony will provide you and your guests with a lifelong , heartfelt, memory.


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