Heartland Life Ceremonies

Judith Kubish, celebrant   

Welcome to the adventure of celebrating life's passages with custom, personalized ceremonies!

Each of life’s moments is significant, given how amazing it is that we are even alive! Some moments get our attention a little more, and we realize that we want to celebrate and honor a newborn child, a new job, a milestone birthday, an anniversary, a job loss, a death.

Our hearts have many other experiences worthy of ceremony. Maybe you’ve bought your first home or are moving to a new home, mid-life is driving you crazy, your child is leaving for college, you’ve gotten a professional license, or your mother is moving into a retirement home. These are not insignificant events. They are the experiences of many, yes, but when they occur in your life, they are unique. A Heartland Life Ceremony will honor their significance for you.

It is the nature of human life to encounter great joy and great sorrow, immense challenges and personal triumphs. The more conscious and intentional we are during these experiences, the wiser we can become, the broader our perspectives, the deeper our simplicity and grounding in life. Inviting others to witness and to participate in our life changes can make the difference between unresolved and isolating regrets and expansive, inclusive satisfaction with life.

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